Part 3 - Books

Compiled by historian Don Meints.

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----  The Lamp Road: A History of the Lansing, Alma, Mt. Pleasant & Northern Railroad.  Lansing: Rapid Printing, 1974.

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---- and Million, Art.  Pere Marquette Power.  Alderson W. Va.: C&O Historical Society, 1984.

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----  The Plank Road and the First Railroad: 1845-1857.  Negaunee, Mich.: Dobson Publications, 2008.  (predecessor of Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic)

Dorin, Patrick.  The Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad.  Burbank, Calif.: Superior,


----  The Grand Trunk Western Railroad.  Seattle: Pruett, 1977.

----  The Lake Superior Iron Ore Railroads.  Seattle: Superior, 1989.

----  The Soo Line.  Seattle: Superior, 1978.

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----  Visionary Railroader - Jervis Langdon, Jr. and the Transportation Revolution.  Bloomington, Ind.: Indiana University Press, 2008.

----  Twilight Rails The Final Era of Railroad Building in the Midwest.  Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2010.  (Detroit, Caro & Sandusky and other non-Michigan)

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----  Cut and Run!  Railroad Logging in Clare County, Michigan.  Olympia, Wash.: Hannum House Publications, 2014. (AA, PM)

----  In the Pines; An Atlas of Michigan Logging Railroads.  Olympia, Wash.: Hannum House Publications, 2017.

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