Location: Port Huron, MI - PM Facilities

PM Port Huron MI Roundhouse PM Port Huron MI Roundhouse PM Port Huron MI Roundhouse Map CO 16th Street Roundhouse Ruins 1972 CO 16th Street Roundhouse Ruins 1972 CSX Port Huron MI Yard 2005PM Locomotive at Port Huron RoundhousePere Marquette facilities in Port Huron included a passenger station downtown, a small yard and roundhouse.

Photo Info: Top and 2nd photo, photos of the PM roundhouse ruins near 16th Street in Port Huron with the turntable in front. Taken in 1977. [Bob Gray, TJ Gaffney collection]. 3rd photo, a 1950 Sanborn map describing the same roundhouse. [TJ Gaffney collection]. 4th & 5th photos, the roundhouse ruins, now owned by C&O. In 1972. 6th photo, the CSX Port Huron Yard in 2005. [Dan Meinhard]. 7th photo, PM locomotive 1101 at the round house. [Bob Gray, TJ Gaffney collection]


The PM had a 85' three-bearing, electrically operated turntable at the roundhouse in Port Huron. It was removed and preserved in Mayville, MI at a U-Haul store on M-24. [Photo, Dave Fulkerth]

Time Line

1902. PM installs a new coaling station and a new engine ouse on the Almont Branch. [MCR-1903]

1912. July 25. The Pere Marquette has awarded the contract for the construction of a 12-stall roundhouse, to cost approximately $40,000, to Rabbit & Sons, Toledo, Ohio. [RG]

PM Port Huron Turntable


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