Location: Carleton, MI - Interlocking Tower

Carleton MI Interlocking TowerCarleton TowerThe interlocking tower at Carleton controlled the crossing of the north-south Pere Marquette (later C&O/CSX) and the east-west Detroit, Toledo & Ironton (later CN/I&O).

Photo Info: Top, a photo of the interlocking tower in Carleton, looking northeast from the diamond. 2nd photo, the conductor picks up orders from the ironman at Carleton.  [Both, Charles Geletzke Jr.]


Time Line

1912. The railroad commission approves a map of the crossing of the DT&I and PM here. [MCR-1912]

1926. The PM places an order with the General Railway Signal Company covering one 36-lever Model-2 unit lever type electric interlocking machine, having 26 working levers and 10 spare spaces, for installation at Carleton, MI at the crossing of the Pere Marquette, Detroit Toledo & Ironton, and the Pennsylvania. This order also includes 16 Model-5A switch machines, 4 Type-G color light signals; 7 Type-D color-light signals, 2 Type-B position-light signals, 5 Type-L color light dwarf signals, 1 Type-C position-light dwarf signal, 1 Type-F color light dwarf signal, as well as instrument cases, track relays, track transformers, clock-work time releases, relays, circuit controllers, power-off relays, switch indicators and relay boxes. [RSG-1926-10]

1926. PM builds a new interlocking tower and plant at Carleton, which includes 26 electric levers and color-light signals. [RSC-1927]


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