Station: Carleton, MI

Carleton Depot Carleton MI Depot FireCarleton DepotCarleton Temporary DepotCarleton MI Union DepotCarleton MI Union DepotPM Carleton MI TowerCO Track Department Building, Carleton MICarleton village was laid out about 1872 in northeast Monroe County. It became a village in 1911. [MPN]

Carleton was home to three railroad lines, the Pere Marquette (later C&O/CSX) running north-south, Canada Southern (later becoming the Detroit, Toledo & Ironton) running east-west, and the Pennsylvania Railroad, which used the PM line north to here and then went northeast on its own line just north of town.


The PM/DT&I crossing was protected by an interlocking tower here, which lasted until the early 1990's when it was remotely operated by CSX dispatchers in Jacksonville, FL.

Photo Info: Top, the first depot in Carleton, built in 1809. [Jim Pershing Collection], 2nd photo,  the old depot burns at Carleton in 1908. 3rd photo, a similar view of the depot fire showing people and their period of dress. [Jim Pershing Collection]. 4th photo temporary box cars were used after the 1908 fire. This was taken in 1909. [Jim Pershing Collection]. 5th and 6th photos, the new depot which was built to replaced the burned out depo. [Both, Alan Loftis collection]. 7th photo,A Chessie System train heads northbound past the Carleton Tower in 2002. [Charlie Whipp].. 8th photo, the C&O track department building at Carleton in 1971. [Charles Geletzke Jr.]

Time Line

1918: The DT&I had an agent/operator on duty during the day at this location. [TRT]


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