Little Manistee River High Bridge, Peacock, MI - (PM) ♦ ♣

PM High Bridge Postcard PM High Bridge With Passenger Train Dismantling High Bridge High Bridge Being Dismantled High Bridge Being Dismantled Location: Little Manistee River High Bridge, Peacock, MI - (PM)

Located north of Baldwin, this was a long fixed span bridge used by the Pere Marquette's original main line between Grand Rapids and Traverse City over the Little Manistee River near Peacock.  It was known as "High Bridge".

The bridge was located about 3 miles north of Peacock. 44.093893 -85.909102.

Photo info: Top, a steam powered passenger train proceeds across the river. Date unknown. Postcard view. 2nd photo, a Pere Marquette streamlined passenger train on the High Bridge. [Luther Brodbeck photo, Bob Brodbeck collection]. 3rd photo, dismantling of the High Bridge from both ends. [Luther Brodbeck photo, Bob Brodbeck collection]. 4th and 5th  photos, more photos of the bridge being dismantled in October, 1955. {D. Stroup photos, Craig Gardner Collection].


From Bob Brodbeck...This bridge was built in 1889 for the Chicago & West Michigan railroad. When built, this was the highest rail bridge in Michigan, gence it's name. The railroad was later purchased and became a part of the Pere Marquette's main line from Grand Rapids to Traverse City. In 1911 the bridge went under structural reinforcing to double its load capacity. The bridge was dismantled in the fall of 1955. The footings are still visible. At one time, it was the only bridge over the falley and locals used it to walk across. The site is now a state park. 

Time Line

1889. The bridge is built by the Chicago & West Michigan.

1911. The bridge is reinforced by the Pere Marquette.

\1955. The bridge was dismantled after the C&O abandoned the main line north of Baldwin in favor of their route via Manistee.


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