Station: Mount Pleasant, MI

AA Mt. Pleasant depot AA Mt. Pleasant depot xxxxxxxx PM Mt. Pleasant depot PM Mt. Pleasant depot PM Mt. Pleasant depotFirst Diesel at Mt. Pleasant Mount Pleasant is the county seat of Isabella County and located near the center. It was founded in 1859. It became a village in 1875 and a city in 1889.

Two railroads served Mount Pleasant. The Pere Marquette built a branch line here from Coleman in 1879 and the forerunner to the Ann Arbor Railroad built north into town in 1886 and then north in 1888.

Photo Info: Top and 2nd, the Ann Arbor railroad depot at Mt. Pleasant. 3rd photo, the same depot in 2004. [All, Alan Loftis collection/photo] 4th photo, the PM depot at Mt. Pleasant [CMUL]. 5th photo, the C&O depot at Mt. Pleasant in 1977, now a private residence. 6th photo, a 1968 view. [7th and 8th, Charles Geletzke Jr.]. 9th photo, the first diesel arrives at Mt. Pleasant in 1947. This is Pere Marquette #22. [Norm Lyons photo]


Time Line

1900. This is a telegraph station on the Ann Arbor railroad. [OG-1900]

1906. The PM erects a new depot here. [PMAR-1906]

1916. The railroad builds a new engine house at this location. [MCR-1916]

1918. The AARR had 1st and 2nd trick operators here. [TRT]


  • Refinery, operated by Roosevelt Oil (1931-1947), Roosevelt Oil & Refining (1948-1954 and Leonard Refinery (1955-1969). Served by the AA and PM railroads. [MW]


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