Station: Flint, MI - GTW Station

Flint GTW DepotFlint GTW DepotFlint GTW DepotFlint GTW DepotFlint GTW DepotThe Grand Trunk Western railroad in Flint had a downtown depot with an observation tower. It is reported that this depot was moved to Muskegon around 1927 and a new depot built.

Photo info/credit: Top, the GTW depot at Flint in a postcard view. [Alan Loftis collection], 2nd the same depot in the early 1900's with GTW 299 approaching. 3rd photo, another view. [Paul Petosky collection], 4th photo, the same depot. 5th photo, a replacement depot which was built in the late 1920's on the new main line south of downtown. [Charlie Whipp]


1918. The Grand Trunk had an agent during the day, as well as an operator around the clock. [TRT]