Station: Davison, MI

Davison MI depot signGTW Davison MI DepotGTW Davison MI DepotGTW Davison MI DepotDavison, in eastern Genesee County, was founded as Davison Centre in 1850, and renamed Davison in 1864. It became a village in 1889.

Davison was located on the Grand Trunk Western main line about eight miles east of downtown Flint.

Photo info/credit: Top, the station sign at the GTW Davison depot. 2nd photo, the depot as photographed in 1974. The building was moved and is now located at the nearby Huckleberry Railroad. [Charlie Whipp] 3rd photo, The depot at trackside in the 1970's. [Jim Slater]. 4th photo, the Davison depot in 2003 at Crossroads Village. [Alan Loftis] 


1918. The Grand Trunk had an agent here around the clock. [TRT]