Station: Clio, MI

Clio DepotPM Clio MI depotClio MI railroads PM Clio MI depot PM Clio MI depotClio was settled in 1837 as a sawmill town in Genesee County. The railroad came through in 1861 and a village was formed here. It was originally called Varna and changed to Clio in 1866. It became a village in 1873 and a city in 1928. [MPN] 

Clio was located on the Pere Marquette railroad's line between Flint and Saginaw and is about 12 miles north of Flint.

Photo info/credit: Top, The Pere Marquette depot at Clio [Detroit Public Library]. 2nd photo, the Pere Marquette depot at Clio, taken shortly after it was built in 1903. Note the approaching train. [Alan Loftis collection] 2nd photo, A road crossing the PM railroad in 1927, showing the crossing watchman's booth and two or three trains in the distance. 3rd photo, a 1977 view of the Clio depot with a visiting passenger train special. [Charles Geletzke Jr.] 4th photo, the former PM depot in Clio, taken in 1983. [Jim Slater]