Station: Clare, MI

Clare Union Depot Clare DepotClare Depot with trainxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxClare was established in 1840. The Pere Marquette railroad came through in 1870-71 and the town became a village in 1879 and a city in 1891. [MPN]

With a direct connection from the abundant forests to logging centers in Ludington and Saginaw, the Pere Marquette had significant freight loadings of forest products when it arrived in the area and for the next 40 years. The Ann Arbor railroad came through in 1888.

Photo info: Top, Clare Union depot in 1916.  2nd and 3rd, two views of the union depot at Clare. The depot served both the Pere Marquette and Ann Arbor railroads. The 2nd photo was taken in July, 1980. [Charlie Whipp] The 3rd photo was taken in May, 1984 and shows a TSBY freight train headed by former AA 393, ready to leave eastbound after switching cars for industry. [Neil Plagens] 3rd photo, the depot in 1979 [Charles Geletzke Jr.]. Bottom photo, C&O 3570 leads a westbound freight train through Clare interlocking headed towards Ludington. September, 1969. [Charles Geletzke Jr.]

Time Line

1892. November 1. A. B. Clapper, clerk in the F& PM freight office at Clare, was robbed and assaulted. He was alone in the office after 9 o'clock when three robbers attacked him, throwing him violently to the ground and demanding that he open the safe. Upon his informing them that the safe was unlocked and that there was no money or express packages of any value in it, the miscreants became so exasperated, having expected to find a package of money sent from Saginaw that they tied him hand and foot, placed a handkerchief soaked with chloroform over this mouth, after which they pounded him unmercifully,l and judging by his clothing, which was cut to pieces, evidently using a knife. After taking $8 of his money and going through the safe and drawers, the villains poured a can of oil upon a quantity of dry wood and doubtless intended to fire the building, but were frightened away. Clapper extricated himself and gave an alarm, but the robbers had fled. [DFP-1892-1102]

1902. The PM installs a new water station at Clare. [MCR-1903]

1918. The AARR had a day station agent here. [TRT]