Location: Fort Gratiot Car Shops, MI - GTW

GTW Fort Gratiot MI Car ShopsGTW Fort Gratiot MI Car ShopsGTW Fort Gratiot MI Car ShopsThe Fort Gratiot car shops were part of the Grand Trunk Railroad maintenance complex at Fort Gratiot until it burned about 1913. The shops were moved after the fire to nearby Port Huron.

Photo Info/Credit: Top 3 photos, The Grand Trunk Western Fort Gratiot Car Shops, locally known as the "Block I" shops. They were located near the St. Clair River entrance to Lake Huron where the Dunn Paper Company/Curtis Specialty Paper Plant is today. These shops were destroyed by fire in 1913 and were replaced by the Port Huron Car Shops in 1918 that most of us know about today. Those shops were closed in 2001. These photos show the fire and the aftermath. [Port Huron Museum collection]