Railroad: Fletcher, Pack & Company

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Built: 1882

Reference: [AArgus-1882-1122]

This was a logging railroad in the Alpena area owned by lumber interests. It was not a common carrier.

November 22, 1882. The steam barge Garden City has the honor of bringing the first locomotive to be used on a railroad in this county, arriving here last Saturday. A large number of railway trucks were also brought at the same time. The locomotive is a small one such as is used on log railroads, bearing the name of "George Parker", and is to be used on the log railway now being built by Fletcher, Pack & Co., in the back pineries for bringing logs to the Upper South Branch [of the Thunder Bay River]. Of the railroad, some two miles and three quarters have been completed and ironed, and the locomotive will be taken up this winter. The railroad commences in section 18, town 28 range 4. The distance from Alpena in a straight line is about thirty miles. Locomotive weighs ten tons. [AArgus-1882-1122]

January 24, 1883. The locomotive on the Fletcher, Pack & Co. railroad in the pineries is busily engaged at its work of drawing saw logs to the Upper South Branch stream. Abut tren trips per day is made and some 30,000 feet of logs are banked daily. There has been, we understand, no attempt made at heaving drawing. [AArgus-1883-0124]