Railroad: Escanaba, Iron Mountain & Western Railroad Co.

Built → Escanaba, Iron Mountain & Western Railroad Co. → Chicago & North Western (ore line)

Line completed: 1891

Leased to: C&NW in 1891

Became: Merged into Chicago & Northwestern in 1947.

Reference: [MRRC]

After lease, this line was operated by the C&NW as its "ore line" between Antoine (Iron Mountain) and the docks at Escanaba. Loaded ore cars used this line east bound, with empty ore cars returning on the C&NW's lines from Escanaba to Powers and then west to Iron Mountain.

This line was later known as the "Schleisinger Line". [EDP-1948-1217] It was anticipated that this road would bring iron ore from ranges near Iron Mountain and Crystal Falls, owned by Frederick Schleisinger. It was quickly leased to the C&NW before reaching most of those mines.