Railroad: Escanaba Traction Company

The Escanaba Traction Company was organized in 1909 to operate existing traction lines from Escanaba north, reaching Gladstone in 1911. This line was abandoned in 1932. MRL]

Escanaba Electric Street Ry.Escanaba Traction Co.Operations Ended

Reorganized: EES Ry. in 1909.

Became: Ended in 1932.

Reference: [MRRC]

Escanaba Traction Railway Bridge

This was an electric railroad which was initially built from Escanaba to Wells. Horses were kept available as standby power in the early days before electric power ad reached a dependable status.

In 1911, a branch of nine miles was built from Wells to Gladstone with a trestle over the Escanaba River.

The greatest source of revenue from the Gladstone line was bringing workers to a chemical extract plant.

The company had lost most of its traffic to automobiles. When the franchise expires in 1932, the company closed operations.