Marquette County Iron Mines - Ishpeming west

Mine: Lake Angeline Mine, Ishpeming, MI

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Operated: 58 years.

From: 1864

Located: N 1/2-N 1/2 and lot equivalent to SE-NE Sec. 15 of T47N-R27W

Owned by: Pittsburgh and Lake Angeline Co. in 1878. Jones & Laughlin Steel Co., agents. Same in 1908. Later by the Cleveland-Cliffs Co.

Produced: Iron Ore, soft, red, Bessemer.

Method: Underground (depth 424 feet) and open pit.

Railroad connection: DSS&A, then LS&I to port of Presque Isle.

Until: At least 1922.

Lifetime Production: 9,319,679 tons of iron ore between 1864 and 1906.

Lake Angeline Mine Lake Angeline Mine Lake Angeline MinePhoto info: Three early photos from the Lake Angeline Mine in Ishpeming. The first shows a steam shovel loading ore cars from the early 1900's. 2nd photo, a shaft house. 3rd photo, railroad ore cars loading ore for movement to the docks. [MINARC]


On the south shore of Lake Angeline. Mine is 100' below lake level. Contains hard and soft hematite. [CMS-1878]

Includes East End, N 1`/2-NE Sec. 15.

Also known as the Angeline Mine.

Time Line

1865. New tonnage is shipped from this mine via the BdN&M to Marquette. [DSS]

1868. This mine is now largely served by the C&NW. [DSS]

1907. Ishpeming just now is bothered with a settling of the ground at the Jones & Laughlin company's Lake Angeline mine. It has taken down a portion of the roadway known as Pine street, has necessitated the removal of the city water main and will force the building of a new highway to get about this dangerous spot. [DFP-1907-0224]

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