Marquette County Iron Mines - Ishpeming west

Mine: Lake Superior Mine, Ishpeming, MI

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Operated for 87 years.

From: 1858

Location: Includes Hard Ore Mine (N 1/2-SE Section 9 and W 1/2-NW-SW Sec 10; Hematite Mine (E 1/2-NW-SW, SW-SW and E 1/2-SW Sec 10); Holmes (SW-SE Sec 9); Section 16 Mine (N 1/2-NE Sec. 16 and SE-SE Sec. 9); and Section 21 (W 1/2-NE and S 1/2-NW Sec 21) of T47N-R27W. Formerly included Section 10 Exploration, S 1/2-NW Sec. 10.

Owned by: Lake Superior Mining Company, later United States Steel. Oliver Iron Mining Co.

Produced: Iron Ore, hard siliceous bessemer and soft non-bessemer and bessemer.

Method: Underground, Top-slicing method. Greatest depth was 1,450 feet.

Railroad connection: DSS&A, later LS&I to Presque Isle. C&NW to Escanaba.

Until: 1945.

Lifetime Production: 25,103,189 tons from 1858 to 1945.

Lake Superior Mine Lake Superior MinePhoto info: Both photos show the Lake Superior mine about 1905.


Southwest portion of City of Ishpeming, Section 9 and 10, T47-R27. 65% metallic iron, 3.6% silica. [CMS-1878]

Time Line

1868. This mine is now largely served by the M&O. [DSS]

1857. Hard Ore and Hematite mines were acquired by Lake Superior Iron Co. in 1853 and opened in 1857. The Hard Ore mine was operated continuously thereafter until closed down in 1914, and the Hematite mine until 1915.

The Section 16 mine property was acquired in 1853 and 1864, Section 21 mine in 1867 and 1872, and the Holmes Mine in 1930.

1903. Section 21 mine was shut down in 1903. The Section 10 exploration, which was acquired in 1853, produced a small tonnage prior to 1900; it was leased to the Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Co. in 1942 and is now operated as a part of the Cliffs Shaft Mine.

1868. This mine is now largely served by the M&O. [DSS]. The Homes Mine, owned by Excelsior Iron Co. from 1864-1912 was acquired by Iron Cliffs Co. in 1912. The company disposed of it in 1914 to the Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co. which opened it in 1915 and shipped from it every year from 1917-1929. In 1930 the Homes Mine was sold to the Lake Superior Iron Co. Then the Oliver Iron Mining Co. acquired the entire Lake Superior Group in 1935 and operated the Holmes-Section 16 mine from 1935-1944, including making shipments every year. Shipments from from stockpile in 1945.

1946. The Holmes-Section 16 mine was finally shut down in 1946. Holmes reported to have included SE-SW Sec. 9 of T4N-R27W at one time.

Shipments from some of the mines of the Lake Superior Group were made very year from 1858-1945, except 1932, 1938 and 1944.

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