Timeline - 1958

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  • January 1: Railcar trucks, applied to new cars, must have AAR approved sideframes. The sideframes must be cast "U" section with integral journal pedestals. Cast steel truck side frames having "T", "I" or "L" section compression or tension members are prohibited on all cars in interchange. Railcar trucks with arch bars, are prohibited under all cars, locomotive cranes, locomotive tenders and derricks in interchange service. [SAM]

  • January 12: Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic RR discontinues St. Ignace-Marquette passenger service and becomes a freight-only line. The last train operated is a Budd car. (They continue to run the MILW Copper Country Limited to Calumet.) [MDOT/MRC-3/90/RO]

  • March 3: DT&I abandons a portion of their Tecumseh branch, between Lear (originally Detroit Jct., north of the Ohio state line) to Adrian, reverting back to trackage rights on the Wabash. [IT-2/80]

  • GTW ceases using electric locomotives in the Port Huron-Sarnia tunnel.  Replaced by diesel locomotives. [MHM]

  • Transportation Act of 1958 permits faster passenger train discontinuances. [STOV]

  • Cast iron wheels are banned from service by the AAR. [SAM]

  • SNAPSHOT:  By the late 1950's, only one ore train per day is operating between Ashland, Wisconsin and Ironwood.  This train is usually powered by four EMD F-7's and has up to 180 cars. [LSIOR]

  • The New York Central builds a new 1.7 mile connection between the Air Line Branch and the Kalamazoo Branch at Three Rivers. [NK]

Timeline Key:

  • Railroad event in Michigan
  • Event relating to mining
  • Event related to car ferries
  • Event outside of Michigan
  • Improvement in Technology
  • Railroad built or extended
  • Railroad abandoned and/or removed
  • Economic panic or depression