Story - Physical Condition - Wabash Railroad - 1909

This line was inspected July 20 [1909].   This line is laid with forty miles of new 80 pound rail.  The entire line will be reballasted with a superior quality of ballast by the end of the season.  The cattle guards on this road are generally poor, and practically an of them should be renewed.  The switch stands are provided with double switch targets, lights and locks.   The right-of-way fence is generally in fair condition.  The tie renewals have been quite extensive, about 30,000 oak ties being renewed this year.  The right-of- way is not clear of weeds. Safety devices 3.ttheseveral railroad crossings in good repair. The company is replacing seven wood culverts with 24 inch concrete pipe, two with 36 inch and two with 12 inch.  A number of the wooden trestles are being, filled with earth and at other points the approaches are being filled, and spans over streams being replaced with steel girders.  The crossing signs are generally well maintained.  Crossing plank at a number of the highway crossings in poor condition and should be renewed.  Frogs and switches generally blocked. The stations are generally satisfactorily maintained.  Bridges not supplied with inside bridge guards.  It is safe to say that the general condition of the road bed, surface and alignment of track will be much improved inside of ninety days.

[From the 1909 Annual Report of the Michigan Railroad Commission, State Library of Michigan.]