Story - Physical Condition - Manistee & Northeastern Railroad - 1909

This line was inspected October 20 [1909]. The portion of this line inspected was from Manistee to Traverse City, and branch line from Platt River Junction to Empire Junction. The rail in the main line is 63 and 65 pound and in good condition. The tie renewals have been liberal, and the surface and alignment of track is good.  The right-of-way fence is generally in good repair.  Highway crossings well maintained.  It was noted that the company has removed the cattle guards at the highway crossings for the purpose of using  their snow plow during the winter months. The stations are generally well maintained and seem to be satisfactory to meet the requirements of the public.  Bulletin boards and toilet rooms receive careful attention. Bridge structures receive careful attention.  Frogs and switches generally blocked. Switch stands are provided with double targets, lights and locks. Trains are operated under the standard code of train rules, and orders are transmitted by telegraph.  Right-of-way generally well maintained.  The Platt River Branch is laid with 60 pound rail and in fair condition.  Tie renewals have been liberal and the general condition of the road bed, surface and alignment of track is equal for the traffic presented.  Very little fencing on this line, fence constructed where requested and lands enclosed by exterior fences. Bridge structures in good repair. The stations are well maintained and satisfactory for the requirements of the public. The public are taken care of on this branch by a mixed train service. Frogs and switches generally blocked.  Switch stands provided with double targets, lights and locks. The passenger train equipment on the entire line is in first class condition and as required by law.

[From the 1909 Annual Report of the Michigan Railroad Commission, State Library of Michigan.]