Story - Physical Condition - Grand Rapids & Indiana Railway - 1909

This line was inspected July 22, 23 and 24 [1909]. The main line from Mackinaw City to the State Line is laid with 70 to 85 pound steel rail with the exception of a few miles of 65 pound rail.. The company expects to replace this with a heavier section before the season. closes.  The company is laying considerable new rail this season. Tie renewals have been quite extensive, the same being generally provided with tie plates. The track is generally ballasted with a good grade of ballast, the curves on the northern division being generally ballasted with slag from the iron furnaces. The surface and alignment of track is good, the switch stands are provided with double switch targets, switch lights and locks. Frogs and switches are generally fairly well blocked.  Highway crossings and signs in good repair. The stations on this line are well maintained,  all stations being provided with bulletin boards and [water] closets which were :found to be in satisfactory condition. The right of way fence is generally in good repair. Considerable farming is being done on the right of way, and the right of way is generally clear of weeds. Bridge structures are in first class condition. However, few of them are provided with inside guard rails. The company is changing a line of its road at Maple River near Pellston. This change will do away with excessive curves and heavy grades. 

Traverse City Branch from Walton Junction to Traverse City:  The rail on this track is 56 and 70 pound, a small portion of it being 70 pound. The 56 pound is in fair condition. Tie renewals have been liberal, tie plates being generally used on all curves. The right of way fence is generally in fair condition. The crossing alarm bells at Kingsley and Traverse City are in good working order. Cattle guards generally in good repair. The stations on this line are generally small but seem to be ample for the requirements of the public. New platform has been constructed at Traverse City and the station at 'l'raverse City is well maintained. 

Traverse City to Leelanau: The general condition of the track, road bed, surface and alignment is good.  This branch is generally fenced and the fence is in first-class condition. All highway crossings and signs are in good repair. No stations on this line of any importance between Traverse City and Northport.  Bridge structures are all in good repair; however, none of them are provided with inside guard rails. The traffic on this division is light. Right of way is well cleared of weeds. Switch stands provided with double targets, and locks; no switch light, no night trains. 

Muskegon Division from Grand Rapids to Muskegon:  The rail of the track Is 60 pound and well maintained. This division is ballasted with a superior quality of ballast. Tie renewals have been liberal, and the surface and alignment of track is good. Considerable work has been done on the bridges on this division and they are in good condition. However, none of them being provided with inside guard. rails. Highway crossings and signs in good repair. Stations on. this line are generally small but they seem to meet the requirements of the public, and the same are well maintained. Considerable new right of way fence has been built, however, there is necessity for fence renewals at different points on the line.. The weeds on right of way have not been cut. There is no distance sign boards, nor stop board at the crossing of the Pere Marquette Railroad located about four miles from Muskegon.

The equipment, both passenger and freight, is as required by law. The passenger service is excellent. The trains on this road are operated under the standard code. Two arm semaphore signals are used for train order boards, which stand normally at danger and are not cleared until called for by engineer and then cleared only when no orders are held for trains. The general condition of this property was found to be first class.

[From the 1909 Annual Report of the Michigan Railroad Commission, State Library of Michigan.]