Story - Physical Condition - Empire & Southeastern Railway - 1909

This line of road extends from Empire Junction, the terminus of the Platt River branch of the Manistee & Northeastern Railroad to Empire, a distance of eleven miles and was inspected October 20 [1909].  The rail in this track is 35 pound steel and is in good condition.  The ties are well maintained and the road bed is first class.  The surface and alignment of track is fair.  There are no stations between Empire Junction and Empire.  The station at Empire has one waiting room, steam heat, and is well maintained. The company has one passenger combination car that is equipped with a stove, but has no fire protection. The car, otherwise, is equipped as required by law. The passengers are. handled by a mixed train service. The engine that handles this service weighs ten tons. The company has another engine that is used exclusively for logging purposes; this engine weighs 28 tons. In addition to the main line from Empire Junction to  Empire, the company has a branch that is used exclusively for logging purposes. This line is not generally fenced, however, fence is constructed whenever requested. The crossing signs are in fair condition, however, it was noted that a number of them should be repainted. The trains on this line are operated under a verbal order system. Very little attention is given to the blocking of frogs and switches. The logging cars are equipped with link and pin couplers and are of the Russell type.

[From the 1909 Annual Report of the Michigan Railroad Commission, State Library of Michigan.]