Timetable: Wabash Railroad - Main Line 3rd District - Detroit to Montpelier

The Wabash 3rd District extends from Detroit to Montpelier. From Detroit (FSUD) to Delray is on the Union Belt of Detroit. Passing siding capacity as of 1941.

Station MP from Detroit Notes
Detroit  0.0   
Delray Engine House     
Delray xNYC xMC xDTSL  4.4 
River Rouge Drawbridge    I BB 
Ecorse Junction (Victoria Ave)  5.6 
Oakwood (Manifest Yard)    Yard
Oakwood Junction xDTI 12.4  I
Hand  19.0   
Romulus xPM 21.3  I P90e
French Landing  23.8   
Belleville  28.6   
Willis  28.6  P75e
Whittaker  31.5   
Milan xAA  37.3  DN I P82e P52w
Cone 42.2   
Britton xDT&M 46.7  I P106w
Holloway  52.4  P96w
Raisin Center xLSMS 54.8 
Adrian 58.8  P98e P116w 
WB Tower xLSMS   I
South Adrian xDTI 59.8 
Sand Creek  65.6  P89w
Seneca  70.2  P94w 
North Morenci  73.2  P96e 
Munson  79.5  P98w 
Franklin xP&F 84.7 
Alvordton xB4 85.7  I P94e 
Kunkle  89.8  P46w 
Montpelier  96.9 

Notes: Interlocking at Rasin Center is automatic.

Note Key: BB=Bascule Bridge | C=Coal | CS=Car Shop | D=Open > Day | DN=Open Day and night | DS=Dispatcher | DT=Double Main Track | EH=Enginehouse | F=Diesel Fuel | HI=Half Interlocked Crossing | I=Interlocked Crossing | J=Junction | LB=Liftbridge | N=Open at night | P=Passing Track w/40' car capacity | Q=Quarry | RH=Roundhouse # stalls | RT=Railroad Resort | S=Scales | SB=Swingbridge | T=Turntable | TC=Telegraph call | W=Water | X=Crossing | Y=Wye | Yard=Yard

December, 1912.  AUTOMATIC BLOCK SIGNALS ON THE WABASH. The Wabash began work during the latter part of November on the installation of 45 miles of double track automatic block signals on its line between Milan and Delray, Mich, and between Milan and Britton, Mich. This covers the new double track, part of which is now in service. The Union Switch & Signal Co.’s Style “S” signals are to be used throughout the installation except at the interlocking plants at Oakwood, Romulus, Milan and Britton, where the Style “T” signals will be employed. The installation will be direct current, the signals operating on primary battery of the Gordon type. The interlocking plants will be equipped with indicators and annunciators and route locking, with back locks on the distant signals. The automatic signal work will be done by the Wabash's forces under the supervision of L. Parnell, general foreman. The interlocking work now under way comprises the reconstruction of the interlocking plant at Milan, Mich, which will result in the installation of a Union Style “S” electro-mechanical machine. [TSE-12/1912]

1925. The Wabash plans to install 52 new automatic block signals between Montpelier and Adrian. [RSC-1925] An additional entry in 1926 says that 4 semaphore US&S T2 D.C. signals ere installed between Milan and Britton.