Timetable: Lake Superior & Ishpeming - Sunrise Landing Branch - Sunrise Landing to Stillman

This is a single track branch line into the forests east of Munising, which was first built off the Munising Railway main line at Stillman to milepost 8 in 1898. In 1902, it was extended to Chapman and then to Cusino in 1905. Later, in 1957, the line was extended east to Sunrise Landing (see note below).

This line was originally built to harvest forest products and Cleveland Cliffs used ample tree timbers to support ceiling and shafts in its iron mines.

After logging was complete, the line from Sunrise Landing to Hartho was abandoned in 1965, and the remainder of the line pulled up in 1969.

Station MP from Stillman Notes
Stillman  0.0 J = LSI main line
Glasier 0.8  
Edmund 1.8  
Coalwood  2.6  
Boven 2.7  
Doublejack 3.0  
Roscoe 5.0  
Ames 5.3  
Cavite 6.0  
Hanley 7.1  
Juniper  8.9  
Bing 10.0  
Doty  11.5 J = M&LS main line
(Crossing) 11.7 X = DSSA main line
Baldy 12.0  
Hartho 12.4  
Percy 14.2  
Chapman  15.2  
Timber Products     
Chapman 15.2  
Finn 16.5  
Van Meer 16.9  
Masters 17.8  
Lloyd 19.4  
Cico 19.6  
Myren  19.8  
Haggins 20.5  
Boucha 21.1  
Seemark 21.2  
Leroux 22.0  
Cusino  23.2  
Sunrise Landing  38.9  


Note Key: BB=Bascule Bridge | C=Coal | CS=Car Shop | D=Open > Day | DN=Open Day and night | DS=Dispatcher | DT=Double Main Track | EH=Engine house | F=Diesel Fuel | HI=Half Interlocked Crossing | I=Interlocked Crossing | J=Junction | LB=Lift bridge | N=Open at night | P=Passing Track w/40' car capacity | Q=Quarry | RH=Roundhouse # stalls | RT=Railroad Resort | S=Scales | SB=Swing bridge | T=Turntable | TC=Telegraph call | W=Water | X=Crossing | Y=Wye | Yard=Yard

Reference: = [MRL] and other sources.


September, 1957. New Railroad Being Built To Hall Wood Products

Grand Marias, September. 25 (AP) Railroad building - which is something new to these times - is going on in Michigan's upper peninsula. Men and machines ae cutting and smoothing a grade and laying down steel track.

It is only for a distance of 16 miles. But it is regarded as significant as a recognition of new potential wealth from the forests.

The Lake Superior & Ishpeming railroad is building an $800,000, 16-mile line from its present terminal at Cusino to a new terminal southwest of Grand Marias, a few miles from Lake Superior's Pictured Rocks. Wood products from timberlands of the Cleveland Cliffs Iron company and the state conservation department are to be hauled on the new line.

Cleveland Cliffs, which owns the LS&I railroad, says it has been determined that the timber products are of sufficient commercial value to support the new operation.

The new terminal has a name. It is "Ewalt Landing" named for Richard Ewalt, forester of Cleveland Cliffs. [LSJ-1957-0925]