Timetable: C&NW - Ore Line - North Escanaba to Antoine

The former Escanaba, Iron Mountain & Western Railroad. This route was primary operated with eastbound ore loads to the Escanaba docks. This was called the Ore Sub. Passing siding capacity based on 44' cars.

Station MP from N Escanaba Notes
North Escanaba 0.0 No. 5 & 6 ore docks.
E&LS Crossing xELS   X G
No 6 Ore Yard  1.5 Yard 
Track Scale  4.9  S
Tesch xSOO xCNW 10.8  X I 
Siding No. 2  14.3  P59
Kirby's Spur  16.3  510' spur. 
Water Tank  16.7 
Oro  21.7  P47
Siding No. 4  30.0  P35
Leaper Siding  31.9  625' siding. 
Sturgeon  38.3  J P32
Appleton Mine  39.1   
Siding No. 5  41.5  P10 
Wells spur  42.3  J 771' spur. 
Cuff Siding  50.0  P20
Loop Line Jct.  50.5 
Antoine  52.0  W C Y Yard 


The Escanaba, Iron Mountain and Western Railroad originally built this line and was owned by mining interests in Iron Mountain and Norway.  The purpose was to ship ore to their own dock in Escanaba and eliminate shipping over the C&NW.  Shortly after completion, the line was sold to the C&NW.  The C&NW sent their loaded ore trains via this route because of shorter distances and better grades.  The empties came back via Powers to Iron Mountain.  [GB]

Sturgeon: There was a 3,278' connection to the CNW Watersmeet line.

Note Key:  C=Coal | D=Open during the day | DN=Day and night | G=Gates | H=Half Interlocked | J=Junction | N=Open at night | P=Passing Track w/40' car capacity | S=Scales | T = Turntable | TC=Telegraph call | W=Water | X=Crossing | Y=Wye | Yard=Yard