Timeline - 1941

  • June 12:The last student is transported by the Copper Range Railroad by rail for the Adams Township School district. [CRH]

  • October 7: One arm of the Sault Ste. Marie railroad lift bridge over the Soo locks collapsed beneath the weight of a loaded freight train, killing two trainmen. The locomotive and tender shot into the river. Sabotage (during the war) was considered but rulled out. This was believed at the time to be  the largest bascule type bridge in the world. [PHTH-10/7/1941]

  • December 6: World War II begins after Pearl Harbor is attacked by Japan.

  • Car ferry City of Midland 41 placed into Lake Michigan service by Pere Marquette. [PMHS]

  • Pere Marquette RR abandons line from Ionia to Kiddville, MI, 11.9 miles. [PMHS/COHS-8/1997][I&L]

  • SNAPSHOT: Only 3,000 of interurban railroad still exists, down from 15,000 in 1916. [STOV]

  • Diesel locomotives are first used in intercity freight service. [STOV]

  • The Electromotive Division is formed when General Motors merges Winton Engine and EMC into one corporation. [SAM]

  • Passenger operations ends on the Manistique & Lake Superior. [HH/MIHX8]

Timeline Key:

  • Railroad event in Michigan
  • Event relating to mining
  • Event related to car ferries
  • Event outside of Michigan
  • Improvement in Technology
  • Railroad built or extended
  • Railroad abandoned and/or removed
  • Economic panic or depression