Timeline - 1900's - Overview

  • Early 1900s:  The Copper Range builds the Painesdale Branch from Painsdale Jct. (one mile south of the Atlantic Mine station) to Champion Mine, a length of 4.38 miles. The line passes through the Baltic Mine, Tri-Mountain Mine, and the Champion Mine. [CRH]
  • Early 1900s:  COPR begins transporting students to school for the Adams Township school district between Atlantic and Painesdale and intermediate points. The service continued in some capacity until the 1940’s. [CRH]
  • Early 1900s:  COPR builds a park at Freda, home of the Champion Mill. This was one of the range’s favorite parks. Special trains were operated to the park on Sundays from the region. [CRH]
  • After control of the Lowell & Hastings passed to the Pere Marquette, the PM removed the diamond at Lowell and began upgrading the line for use as a major branch line between Elmdale and Saginaw.  The track from Elmdale south to Freeport was downgraded to a minor branch line.  A new connection was built on the north side of the Elmdale depot between the branch and the main line.  [L&H]


 Timeline Key:

  • Railroad event in Michigan
  • Event relating to mining
  • Event related to car ferries
  • Event outside of Michigan
  • Improvement in Technology
  • Railroad built or extended
  • Railroad abandoned and/or removed
  • Economic panic or depression