Story: Double Track, Detroit to Toledo (1912)

The lines of the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern and the Michigan Central (both controlled by the New York Central) between Toledo, Ohio and Detroit, Michigan, bout 60 miles, both single track nearly all the way, are to be operated together as a double track railway.

From the Lake Shore station at Toledo to Wagon Works Junction the line, which is owned by the Lake Shore, is double track, and over this line the trains of the Michigan Central run to and from the station. 

From Wagon Works north the Lake Shore and the Michigan Central run approximately parallel with each other for about 51 miles to West Detroit. They are separated most of the way by only a few hundred feet, but at a few points are as much as half a mile apart.

It is intended to operate this section as a double-track railway, and preparatory thereto two light bridges are being made suitable for the heaviest engine, and a number of track changes and additions have been made.

Between Vinewood avenue, Detroit, and Beaubien street, about three miles, the Lake Shore parallels the Bay City division of the Michigan Central, and these two roads are now operated as one double-track railway.

The Michigan Central Bay City division was already double tracked and one of the three main tracks will now be used as a side track.

[From the Railway Gazette, July 5, 1912]