Photo Story - Plowing Snow on the Tuscola & Saginaw Bay, in 2004

Photos by Mark Andersen

Above, the TSBY work train, with their orange snow plow at the point, works southbound through the forests on the Traverse City Branch, in February, 2004.  Below, the train rests near the Traverse City depot.  [Mark Andersen]  The Traverse City branch is the former Grand Rapids & Indiana/ Pennsylvania Railroad branch line from Walton Junction (north of Cadillac).
Below, TSBY 389 pulls the plow train back past the Traverse City depot, after clearing the track west to Bates. 2004. [Mark Andersen]  The line southwest of Traverse City to Bates is the old Pere Marquette/C&O Petosky line. Snow plows like the TSBY plow have hydraulic extendible wings which can clear a wider path if necessary.