Story - Physical Condition - Wisconsin & Michigan Railway - 1909

This line was inspected on August 18 [1909].  This road extends from Iron Mountain to Ross, in Menominee county, with a branch line from Everett to Miscauno.  Four and one half miles of new road was built during the past year from Quinnesec to Iron Mountain, with access to the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul passenger station at Iron Mountain.  Track alignment is good and ties are in first class condition.  Station grounds are well kept and stations are adequate.  However, the bulletin boards in many places were not given proper attention by the agents.  Equipment and cars in first class condition.  Highway crossing signs and crossings are in good condition.  Frogs and switches are blocked as required by law and fences are built wherever land is cleared.  This company owns a gasoline coach which has a capacity of about twenty persons and with this car gives frequent service on some portions of its line.  It contemplates the purchase of other cars of similar character which may in time handle the greater portion of their passenger traffic.

[From the 1909 Annual Report of the Michigan Railroad Commission, State Library of Michigan.]