Story - Physical Condition - Pontiac, Oxford & Northern Railroad - 1909

This property was inspected September 27 [1909], and extends from Pontiac to Caseville, a distance of 100 miles.  The rail is 56 pound, in good alignment and is in fair condition.  Most of the track is ballasted with a high grade of gravel ballast.  20,000 new ties have been placed in the track during this year.  All of the coaches but one have been repainted this year.  One new engine and one new caboose added to the equipment since the last inspection.  All equipment is in good condition.   Three new steel bridges with cement abutments, built during the year, one with a span of 30 feet and two with a span of 40 feet.  Fences in good condition.  15 miles of new woven wire fence built during the year.  Stations all well kept and bulletin boards properly marked up.  Seven new cement culverts have been built during the year, taking the place of old wooden structures.  Stations and water tanks well painted excepting Clifford where a new joint station is needed.  The bridge at Caseville shows signs of age although repairs are continually being made to keep it in safe condition for use.  Crossings good and crossing signs all well painted.  Frogs and switches are generally blocked and single target is used on all main line switches and showing indication only for side track.  Passenger and freight equipment is as required by law and the general condition of the road is improved since the last inspection.

[From the 1909 Annual Report of the Michigan Railroad Commission, State Library of Michigan.]