Story - Physical Condition - Manistique & Northern Railroad - 1909

The portion of this line inspected extends from Shingleton, a division point on the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic to a point about four miles beyond Steuben.  This company has a joint passenger station with the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic at Shingleton.  Bulletin boards satisfactorily marked.  There are no stations between Shingleton and Steuben.  The rail in the track is from 56 to 67 pound and is badly worn between Shingleton and Steuben.  From Steuben to the point inspected the rail is in fair condition.  There is no regular passenger train service on this line, the public being handled by mixed train service.  The combination car used on this train is in poor condition and should be replaced with a more. modern coach or combination car. The track is ballasted with a light grade of ballast. Tie renewals are fair.  However, it was noted that for the safe handling , of the traffic, which is sometimes heavy, the tie renewals should be greater.  The curves between Shingleton and Steuben are excessive and the surface and alignment of track is not equal for speed to exceed 15 miles per hour for the heavy mixed trains pulled on this road.  No fences on this road. The equipment, with the exceptions herein noted is in fair condition. Trains on this road are operated under written train order system.  Blocking of frogs and switches receives very little attention.

[From the 1909 Annual Report of the Michigan Railroad Commission, State Library of Michigan.]