Story - Physical Condition - Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railroad - 1909

This property was inspected August 20 [1909].  The Lake Superior & lshpeming Railway extends from Marquette to Ishpeming. The rail is 80 pound steel and in good condition. The surface and alignment of the track is good; tie renewals have been liberal; the weeds on right-of-way have been cut; right-of-way fences were constructed and are in good repair. Highway crossings and signs are well maintained; cattle guards of various types; bridge structures well maintained; bridges are not supplied with inside guard rails.  There are but three stations on this line; they are located at Marquette, Negaunee and Ishpeming, and satisfactorily maintained, and equal for the traffic presented. 

The Marquette & Southeastern roads extends from Lawson to Marquette and Big Bay. The traffic on the Big Bay extension is very light. The rail on the track is 60 pound steel and is first class condition; tie renewals have been liberal, and the surface and alignment of the track is good. There are very few bridges on this part of the line and the bridges that are located on this division are ill first class condition. The track is ballasted with a light grade of ballast. There is no right-of-way fence between Marquette and Big Bay. The stations
at Big Bay and Birch are neat and convenient for the traveling public, the same being supplied with closets and they were found to be in satisfactory condition; bulletin boards properly marked. From Marquette to Lawson the company is renewing all of the lighter rail with 80 pound rail and expect to have it completed by this fall. The tie renewals have been quite extensive, and considerable ballasting is being done, and the surface and alignment of the track is fair. It is reasonable to suppose that the surface and alignment of track will be much improved within sixty days. Right-of-way is fenced from: Marquette to Lawson.  The stations on this line are adequate for the traffic presented and they are well maintained. Special attention has been given to the marking of bulletin boards and they were all found to be properly marked. Closets generally in satisfactory condition. The highway crossings and all sign boards were found to be satisfactorily maintained.  Bridge structures well maintained. 

The Munising line, from Lawson to Munising, is in fair condition.  The rail is 60 pound steel and in fair condition. A number of the bridge structures have been renewed within the last year. The stations are well maintained and equal to the traffic presented. The track is ballasted with alight grade of ballast. Tie renewals have been liberal.  This line is not generally fenced, however, where fence is constructed it is in good repair. 

The trains on the entire system are operated under the standard code of rules. All switch stands are provided with double targets, switch lights and locks. The blocking of switches is fairly well maintained.

[From the 1909 Annual Report of the Michigan Railroad Commission, State Library of Michigan.]