Story - Physical Condition - Kalamazoo, Lake Shore & Chicago Railway - 1909

This property was inspected October 14 [1909] and extends from Kalamazoo to South Haven. The line from Kalamazoo to Lawton is laid with 70 and 80 pound steel. Tie renewals have been heavy although there is still a necessity for improvement along this line. The crossings and crossing signs are in fair condition. No station of importance between Kalamazoo and Lawton. Right-of-way fences are satisfactory. From Lawton to South Haven, 38 miles the rail in track is 65 pound steel, in fair condition. Sand Ballast. Track is well tied and surface and alignment fair. Right-of-way fences in fair condition. Stations not very well kept.  Traffic very heavy during fruit season. Passenger service seems to be all that is required. It was very apparent that the locomotives on t1lis line are not properly taken care of and there appears to be an urgent necessity for new equipment. Frogs and switches generally blocked. Targets not of uniform pattern. The written train order system in use and trains are moved under the standard code.  Aside from the necessity of tie renewals and improvements in the locomotive department the road is in fair condition for the traffic presented excepting as above stated.

[From the 1909 Annual Report of the Michigan Railroad Commission, State Library of Michigan.]