Story - Physical Condition - Escanaba & Lake Superior Railroad - 1909

This line was inspected August 17th [1909], and runs from Wells to Channing, a distance of 63 miles, with branch lines to forest terminals being used exclusively for the transportation of forest products. Two and one-half miles of this track was laid with 85 pound steel rail this year, the balance being laid with 60 pound rail which is not heavy enough for the traffic. The company contemplates the laying of a heavier rail in the near future to meet the demands of the traffic. The main line from Channing to Wells is used principally by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway Company for transporting ore. Tie renewals have been liberal and the track is in first class alignment. The track is free from weeds but the right of way has grown up with underbrush. Crossing plank and crossing signs are in fair condition. Frogs and switches are blocked as required by law. Very little right-of-way fence has been built, the road being constructed mostly through the forest. The equipment of this line is adequate for the requirements.  Special attention is given by this company to keeping their track in first class alignment, the traffic being heavy and the rail light. All engines and cars are fully equipped with air.

[From the 1909 Annual Report of the Michigan Railroad Commission, State Library of Michigan.]