Story - Physical Condition - Detroit & Charlevoix Railway - 1909

This road was inspected October 21st [1909].  This line extends from East Jordan to Frederic, a junction point of the Michigan Central Railroad, with several branch lines to forest terminals that are used exclusively for logging purposes.  Seventeen miles of new branch line has been built this year, making a total of 40 miles of branch lines.  The rail in this track is 60 pound and in good condition. Tie renewals have been liberal. The road bed is first class; the surface and alignment of track is equal for the traffic presented. The public is handled by a mixed train service. The equipment is as required by law. The Russell logging cars are  provided with automatic couplers. Very little fencing on this line. Frogs and switches generally blocked.  Switch stands generally provided with single target.  All of the bridge structures are in first class condition, the same having been renewed within the past two years. Very little attention given to the cleaning up of the right of way. The company contends that it is much safer for fire protection to have the underbrush grow than to remove it during the dry season.  Highway crossings and signs generally in good repair. There are no stations on this line where agents are maintained, with the exception of the one at East Jordan. This station has one waiting room and it is well maintained.

[From the 1909 Annual Report of the Michigan Railroad Commission, State Library of Michigan.]