Story - Physical Condition - Copper Range Railroad - 1909

This road was inspected August 18th [1909].  The portion inspected was from Calumet to Freda and Mass City. The rail in the track is from 75 to 90 pound steel; seven miles of 90 pound steel having been laid
this season. The bridge structures are receiving special attention.  Three timber trestles have been filled since the last inspection. Other timber trestles are being replaced by steel structures of the most modern type. Tie renewals have been quite extensive during the season, and the company are providing same with tie plates;  200,000 tie plates are being used this year. About seven miles of track is being reballasted. The surface and alignment of track is equal to the traffic presented. Considerable fence has been built and same is in good repair. Switch stands are provided with single targets, switch lamps and locks.. The blocking in frogs and switches is generally fairly well maintained. A new coal shed has been constructed at Mill Mine Junction with a capacity of 15,000 tons of coal. The station buildings are well constructed and seem to meet all the requirements of the public. The equipment on this road, both passenger and freight, is first class and as required by law. The trains are operated under the standard code of rules.  Inspection shows that this railroad is operated carefully and satisfactorily to all parties concerned.

[From the 1909 Annual Report of the Michigan Railroad Commission, State Library of Michigan.]