Story - Physical Condition - Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway - 1909

This road was inspected November 17th [1909].  This line in Michigan extends from the State Line in Cass County to Benton Harbor, a distance of about 33 miles.  The rail in the track is 65 and 67 pound and the same is well maintained.  The cattle guards are of the surface pattern, being of wood and steel.  A number of these guards are too narrow for the opening between the wing fences.. At a number of the highway crossings the wing fences are in a dilapidated condition and the same should be renewed. The crossing signs are satisfactory. The right of way fence is generally satisfactory .The road is well tied; the company started in 1904 with tie renewals that had been treated with a creosote preparation. These ties are proving very satisfactory and the company expects by 1912 to have their road thoroughly tied with 1 ties of this character. During the past season the company has renewed about 250 ties to the mile. The track is ballasted with a light grade of ballast.  The surface and alignment of the track is satisfactory for the traffic presented. The side tracks are equipped with switch stands that have double targets, switch lights and locks. Passenger cars are equipped as required by law. Bridge structures receive careful attention; a few of the larger ones being equipped with inside guardrails.

The stations along the line are small but seem to meet the requirements of the public, however, it would seem necessary that a new station should be provided at Niles. The right of way is fairly well cleared of weeds. Frogs and switches generally blocked; highway crossing alarm bells working satisfactorily.  This property shows improved conditions since the last annual inspection.

[From the 1909 Annual Report of the Michigan Railroad Commission, State Library of Michigan.]