Story - Physical Condition - Cincinnati Northern Railroad - 1909

This road was inspected October 28 [1909]. This line extends from Jackson to the state line in Hillsdale county and crosses the L. S. & M. S. at Hudson; Addison Junction and Cement City. The rail in this track is 65 and 70 pound and is in good condition. Tie renewals have been liberal, 11,500 ties having been renewed this year. .Considerable ballasting has been done during the past year, a good grade of ballast having been used for this purpose. The surface and alignment of track is good.  Highway crossings are generally in good repair.  Switch stands are provided with double targets, locks, no lights. Passenger stations are generally in good repair. The passenger train bulletin boards do not receive the attention they should.  This matter was taken up with the representatives of the company and it was promised that the same would receive their special attention. The water closets [bathrooms] at Hudson were in unsanitary condition. This matter was taken up with the representatives and it was promised it should have immediate attention. The toilet rooms at the other stations were fairly well maintained.  All wooden culverts are being replaced with concrete arches.  Surface cattle guards generally in good repair; Right of way fence generally in good condition.  However, it was noted that several of the wing fences were in poor condition.  This was taken up with the representatives and we were informed that the company were replacing the wooden wing fences with woven wire. Considerable new fence has been built during the past year. No whistling posts provided for highway crossings. Bridge structures receive careful attention, but are not provided with inside guard rails. New coal station has been constructed at Hudson. Right of way is fairly cleared of weeds.

[From the 1909 Annual Report of the Michigan Railroad Commission, State Library of Michigan.]