Story: Physical Condition - Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway

This property was inspected August 17 and 18 [1909]. The main line and branches are uniformly good, particular attention being given to surfacing and alligning of track, and proper drainage. Most of the track is ballasted with a superior quality of ballast. All locomotives and cars are equipped with air brakes and automatic couplers and the rolling stock of this company was found in first class condition. Highway crossing signs and plank are in good repair. Stations and water tanks well painted and special attention given to the care of stations and station grounds. Agents all wear badges. Wing fences whitewashed. Frogs and switches blocked with wood. Right of way generally, free from weeds. In many places however, the brush and weeds on right of way are only cut where land is cleared. Farm crossings in fair condition and right of way fences well maintained wherever built. .In general, the property of this company in Michigan is in first class condition.  The attention of the railroad representatives was called to the lack of properly marking up of bulletin boards.

[From the 1909 Annual Report of the Michigan Railroad Commission, State Library of Michigan.]