Story: Physical Condition - Chicago, Kalamazoo & Saginaw Railway - 1909

This property was inspected October 14 [1909], and extends from Kalamazoo to Woodbury, where it connects with the Pere Marquette R. R. and from Kalamazoo to Pavillion, where it connects with the Grand Trunk Railway. The rail is 56 and 60 pound steel. Road is fairly well tied. Track is ballasted with a high grade of gravel ballast. About 11,000 cedar and 200 oak ties placed in track during the season. Right of way fence barbed wire and in fair condition. Weeds and brush not cut on right of way. No signal posts placed to indicate the point where engineers should whistle for highway crossings. Two passengers and one freight each way daily, which appears to take care of the traffic.  Crossing signs in need of repainting. Frogs and switches blocked are required. A few cattle guards need renewing. Track generally in very good surface and alignment. All passenger cars newly painted; locomotives in good condition. Stations equal to the requirements and fairly well maintained. Written order system has been installed by order of this department.

[From the 1909 Annual Report of the Michigan Railroad Commission, State Library of Michigan.]