Story: Physical Condition - Arcadia & Betsey River Railroad - 1909

This line was inspected October 20 [1909], and extends from Copemish to Arcadia, crossing the Pere Marquette Railroad at Henry, crossing protected with full interlocker and derailing switch and signal system, which is found to be in good working order. The rail is 60 pound and somewhat battered at the joints, otherwise in fair condition. A large number of ties have been renewed during this year. The general condition of ties is 50% better than they were at the last annual inspection. Surface and alignment of track fair.

There is no regular passenger train service on the line, passengers being handled by a mixed train service. By an order of this department written train orders were put in use. Bridge structures were found to be in good repair and equal for the traffic presented. Very little fence on the line and fences found to be in poor condition. Very little attention given to the blocking of frogs and switches. Switch targets of various types. Switch stands provided with locks. No lights, no night service. Very little attention given to cleaning up of right of way. The road passes through a timber belt and the management contend that it is much safer to leave the underbrush than to remove it during the dry season. Passenger cars in use are equipped with axe and saw. The general condition of the track is much improved since the last inspection.

[From the 1909 Annual Report of the Michigan Railroad Commission, State Library of Michigan.]

[Editors Note:  Switch stands were supposed to be lighted, but it appears that the MRC allowed railroads to forgo this requirement if they did not operate at night.]