Station: Pigeon, MI

Pigeon DepotGTW 4542 at Pigeon Pigeon is a town in western Huron County which was settled about 1888. It is 13 miles west of Bad Axe. It was the crossing of the north/south Pontiac, Oxford & Northern (later GTW) and the east/west Pere Marquette. Both railroads used the same depot, making it a "union" station. Note that the depot had agent/operator windows on both sides. The town became a village in 1902.

Photo Info/Credit: The C&O Pigeon union station at Pigeon in 1974. [Charles Geletzke Jr. photo]. 2nd photo, the GTW 4542 arrives at Pigeon with the local. 1972. [Charles Geletzke Jr. photo].


1907: The state railroad commission orders the Pontiac, Oxford & Northern and the Pere Marquette to construct a joing depot here. [RA-1907-1025:593]

1909 station: The PM built a new station here in 1909. [PMAR-1909]

1917. The GTW had an agent here during the day shift. [TRT]