Station: Painesdale, MI

Painesdale is located on what was the Copper Range railroad line three miles southwest of Painesdale Junction. This town was settled around 1899 by the Champion Copper Company. [MPN]

November 22, 1913. Boys Are Killed by Earth Slide. Three Painesdale Youths Buried in Railroad Fill. Paul Daume, James Renaldi and John Iskra, three small Painesdale boys, were smothered to death beneath a landslide of earth in a fill on the Copper Range railroad's Painesdale extension about 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon. Harold Daume, brother of Paul, was the only eye witness of the accident and it was only owing to the fact that he was a few feet behind the other boys that he was not also buried by the fall of the sand.

The boys, ages 6-10 were playing in a ravine on the line of the railroad extension. The hollow is known by workmen as "Calebra cut," because of the fact that the earth in this vicinity is treacherous, being subject to slides. Bridge 56 formerly crossed this ravine but this was removed and the work of filling in the ravine started some time ago. There is a natural water flow through this point and in order to care for this, a huge culvert 100 feet long and 6 feet in diameter was constructed. The excavated material was thrown over this until it reached the level of the railroad and then a track was laid over it. The fill is 50 feet wide at the top but still left room for the passage of water at the ends of the culvert. [CN-1913-1124]