Station: Atlantic Mine, MI

Atlantic Mine, or Atlantic, was a mining location in Houghton County. It was located on the Copper Range railroad two miles north of Painesdale Junction.

March 7, 1901. Con Sullivan, aged 26, died at [Houghton's] St. Mary's hospital Wednesday night from the effects of injuries received on the Copper Range railroad in the morning. He was a passenger on a morning train out of Houghton and when near Cole's Creek refused to pay his fare when asked for it b Conductor Harris. The conductor and brakeman attempted to put him off the train and he took them with him. Finally, they broke loose and regained the train, which started on. Sullivan in attempting to board it, fell under the wheels. His leg was badly crushed and he died from his injuries hours later. He was brought back to town on the train. He leaves a father, mother and sister at Huron Town, a suburb of Houghton. [PHDH-1901-0307]