Location: Ricedale, MI

Ricedale was a location on the Copper Range railroad at milepost 28.6, between Toivola (26.0) and Painesdale (32.2).

November 17, 1913. Train Target For Strikers At Ricedale. The fifth gun attach on trains carrying strike-breakers was made this morning when a mob of strikers, who walked to Ricedale, a distance of five miles from tri-Mountain, stopped an incoming Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul train on the Copper Range railroad, poured a volley of revolver shots into the engine cab and attempted to wreck the locomotive.

The engineer was not injured, but a half-dozen bullets buried themselves in the woodwork of his cab, a score striking the engine. He opened the throttle and foiled the strikers who attempted to board the train but finally contented themselves with pouring a volley of shots into a car containing 13 strike breakers. One was slightly wounded. [DDFP-1913-1117]

November 19, 1913. Telephone wires cut by strikers. The wires of the Copper Range railroad and the Western Union telegraph wires were cut at Ricedale and between Mill Mine Junction and South Range. In consequence, train service was delayed several hours. [DFP-1913-1119]