Location: Houghton, MI - Copper Range Yard and Locomotive Facilities

The Copper Range railroad's yard and locomotive facilities were located on the south shore of Portage Lake, west of the city of Houghton.

November 29, 1909. The Copper Range railroad has 22 engines in the Houghton yards every night. At times the number is more, but there are at last this many every night. A hostler is employed to run each of these locomotives in its turn to the coal sheds where it is coaled for the following morning. Much of this coaling will be done at the [Mill Mine?] Junction as soon as cold weather sets in. [CN-1909-1129]

September 5, 1914. Police Chief Killed in Railroad Yard. Louis Voetsch, 49 years, chief of the Houghton fire and police departments, was killed on the principal street of the city while on his way to his home for supper, by a rock thrown by a blast in an excavation in the Copper Range railroad yards, 1,000 feet away behind the towering electric light plant. He was struck unconscious and never recovered. Chief Voetsch was a native of Houghton, a member of the fire and police departments for 35 years. The blast that killed him was set off by his personal friend, August Giesing, master carpenter of the Copper Range railroad, who is distracted by the accident. Thousands of residents attended his funeral and the city council voted to keep his widow on the payroll at half pay for a full year. [CN-1914-0904]