Location: Houghton, MI - Railroad Facilities

Houghton MI Roundhouse Houghton MI Crane and Idler Car Houghton MI COPR CabooseHoughton was served by two railroads. The Mineral Range railroad generally served north from Houghton up the Keweenaw Peninsula towards Calumet. It later became the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic, and then the Soo Line. The other railroad was the Copper Range railroad, owned by the Copper Range (Mining) Corporation and it ran south from Houghton through the south copper range to a connection with the Milwaukee Road and Mass.

Photo Info/Credit: Top, the COPR roundhouse at Houghton in 1972. 2nd photo, a COPR Crane and Idler car at Houghton. 3rd photo a COPR caboose which is a bit unusual because it had a freight or express loading door on the right side. This was likely used with mixed trains which also carried passengers. [All three photos, Charles Geletzke Jr.]