Location: C&H Roundhouse, Calumet, MI

The C&H roundhouse in Calumet was constructed in 1888 with later additions in 1802, 1907 and 1928. This roundhouse serviced locomotives from the Hecla and Torch Lake railroad which transferred copper ore from the mines to stamping and smelting works on Torch Lake.

The building was constructed from mine rock masonry in a full semi-circle with stalls 75' deep on the south and 90' deep on the north end. There are also two additions extensions east from the semi-circle - a 60x75' machine shop and a 37x80' general storage area. The turntable was a center-mounted steel girder type 60' long bearing the nameplate, "Wrought Irion Turntable, built by Teffert & Wood, Phillipsburg, NJ. [UPM]