Location: Boardman Yard, MI (Traverse City)

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBoardman Yard was the Pere Marquette/C&O's major freight yard in Traverse City. The PM had a freight house here, as well as locomotive service facilities and a two by engine house. A water standpipe was also used for filling tenders. Boardman Yard also had a wye heading west off the yard to service the Traverse City State Hospital which was 1/2 mile west of this location. The hospital received coal for boilers until the facility was converted to other energy types.

Photo Info/Credit: Top, the C&O engine house and service facilities at Boardman Yard in 2002. [Charles Geletzke Jr.], 2nd photo, the yard office at Boardman Yard. Note the operator's station. This appears to be a former depot of some type, maybe moved here. [Charles Geletzke Jr.], 3rd photo is another shot of the engine house from the opposite side. [Tim Shanahan], and 4th photo is a pit below the track near the engine house, possibly used for clinkers, loading of coal or stone. [Tim Shanahan]