Station: Belsay Yard, MI

Belsay MI railroadsBelsay Yard was the original main yard in the Flint area for the Grand Trunk Western. It was downgraded in the late 1950's when the GM truck plant was built on Van Slyke Road. Torrey and Fischer yards were built using rail that was relaid when the GTW single tracked their main line between Durand and Port Huron in 1957. [CW]

Photo info/credit: A 2003 view of Belsay Junction looking west on the CN (former GTW) line. The track at the far left is the remnant of Belsay Yard which began near this point and went west for about 1/2 mile behind the camera. The side track to the right, beyond the crossover, is the original GTW main line which went through downtown Flint. This line is now refered to as the "Old Main" and stops at North Kearsley where it ends in a junction with the CSX. The CSX uses this "Old Main" line from North Kearsley to access trackage rights between Flint and Port Huron. [Dale Berry]